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The Armenian Gampr is a landrace livestock guardian dog (LGD). For thousands of years, Armenians have bred gamprs to succeed at this work. More so than some breeds of livestock guardian, the gampr requires a close bond with its human owner, and as a result of that bond, guards all that belongs to that owner. A proper gampr should be gentle, calm, and submissive around its livestock and family, while having the ability to be alert and defensive against all outside intruders. They are typically excellent with children. Like most LGDs, the gampr is slow to mature, and may not be fully reliable with all types of livestock until 2yrs of age. Please see our training page for more information on how to develop a successful working partnership with your gampr.

It is the goal of the Armenian Gampr Club of Canada to help the gampr to grow and flourish through increased recognition and good breeding practices in Canada. We love these dogs!


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